Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

A sneak preview of the all-new 2010 Kalymnos guidebook


After endless hours of fieldwork, writing, and trial & error to create the new Kalymnos guidebook, we are this close to the finish line… The book will soon be en route to the printer and available for sale in mid-October. In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the four 2-page spreads covering sector Grande Grotta. The guidebook has been thoroughly revised: a slightly smaller size, ‘cleaner’ page layout, custom map of Kalymnos and added practical bits all aim to make the book more user- and crag-friendly and to convey a massive amount of information with clarity.


In brief, the present edition includes 64 climbing sectors and approximately 1,700 routes. More information about the crags is included alongside additional tips on equipping routes, safe belaying, route maintenance and so on, all supplemented by fantastic photos.


The new 2010 Kalymnos climbing guidebook will be published by Terrain Maps, a company specializing in GIS cartography to create large-scale hiking maps. For the record, this edition will be the 5th in a series of Kalymnos guidebooks since 2000. The first edition, which was published shortly after Kalymnos burst into the climbing scene, was followed by revised editions in 2003, 2006 and 2008. As the number of routes on Kalymnos almost doubled since the 2008 edition, an all-new guidebook was imperative. So here we are!


Please keep checking in for updates re: the release date. The guidebook will also be available for sale right here on Climb Kalymnos, always with free worldwide shipping.





















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9 Responses to “A sneak preview of the all-new 2010 Kalymnos guidebook”

  1. ioni says:

    I`m not a “vertical/slabs” climber, steep climbs are “my thing”
    But still not quite 7a for me:)
    And thats a different discution: diferent angles, diferent routes, different perception

  2. Dan says:

    I think the downgrading of DNA to 7a is fair. As it is steep with large holds and many rests it is much different to the style of climbing most tourists are accustomed to at their more vertical home crags. As a comparison, at the start of my 3 week trip to Kalymnos, I tried DNA (7a+, steep), Ivi (7b steep) and Steinpils (vertical). They all seemed impossible.

    By the end of the trip I was much better at steep climbing – technique, fitness and finding rests. My friend did DNA in 35min! But I was never able to get the finger strength for the last moves on Steinpils, and still got my ask kicked by 7a-7b’s when I came back home.

  3. pfff says:

    why dont you grade it 6b then…and the brave gym monsters will be happy that they are brave and humble and “better” than everyone
    and this begins to be true for many kalymnos routes now
    In most of the normal crags around the world and for most normal people this would be an 7a+ or even 7b
    and the grade should be given by the moves, not by the clipping and bolt positions, right?
    a pity…
    I agree that maybe SOME of the routes in Kalymnos might be overgraded at FA and should be more acurate graded (and this is due to varios bolters and climbers who put up routes, and anyway, grading is not an exact science, we`re all different….) but this tend to be more exagerated than everywhere

  4. christian says:

    Dear Aris,

    would be great if the book is at the place at the end of october – we’re also coming (with Hans) at this time…

    best wishes
    Angie & Christian

  5. Aris says:

    IN RESPONSE TO Rich: I will bring the books to Kalymnos myself in mid-October! The printer has promised Oct.15th they will be ready, so by the 15th-20th at the latest they will be in stores. At the moment we are working around the clock with the publisher’s team to make sure it’s all done on time…Thanks for waiting..

  6. Aris says:

    IN RESPONSE TO pfff: DNA was rebolted last year, and bolts are now at easier places for clipping. The route overall is a bit easier to climb now than in the past. Most regular visitors agree that 7a is fair (some hardcore gym-rats have even suggested 6b…!)

  7. Rich says:

    Looks great.

    Will the new book be in the shops in Kalymnos in October? I’m coming on 30 October and would rather buy over there than wait anxiously for the postman.

  8. Evoula says:

    Congratulations! Looking very much forward to hold a copy on my hands!

  9. pfff says:

    DNA 7a? the excesive downgrading already gets stupid…nothing more to say
    Soon kalymnos will become the area with the ( stupid ) hardest grades in the world.

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