Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

Blue Magic


Very steep tufa and roof climbing, then an impressive head-wall with huecos

© Kalymnos Rock Climbing Guidebook

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  1. JD Fournier says:

    My friend and I climbed the line Blue Magic at Olympic Wall and we suspect the plant/tree in the middle of the route might be toxic, or at least, it might be worthwhile checking it out.

    The reason we have this suspicion is that we both caught some (benign) form of skin infection. It created blisters which appeared the day after. Of course this might be due to something else but since we were the only ones in the group to have both a) climbed it and b) caught something, we thought, as a precaution, that it might be pertinent to inform you.
    By the way it remains a super line!
    We had a great time again on Kalymnos. Thanks for dedicating so much time to making this place as great as it is.
    JD Fournier

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