Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

Climbers boycott Telendos crags to protest the doubling of boat fare



Until last month, the return boat fare from Kalymnos directly to sector Irox, in Telendos, was €5.00 per person (for groups of 10 or more climbers). Today, not only has it increased to €10.00 per person for groups of 10 or more climbers, but it has come to include a compulsory stopover at Telendos harbor. As a party of 13 climbers reported this morning, when they pointed this out to the boatmen the answer they received was: ‘That’s the way we do it now’.


Simply put, this means:


Myrties to Telendos €4.00 return fare + Telendos to Irox €6.00 return fare = €10.00 per person.


That’s a price increase of 100% just as the climbing season is entering its peak.


Apart from the obvious issue, climbers also resent being ‘coerced’ into stopping over at Telendos harbor. All through the summer, when boats went directly to Irox, most climbers probably stopped at the harbor on their way back for a beer anyway. Climbers love spending time on Telendos – it’s no accident that we often speak of the Telendos experience, not just the climbing.


The immediate reaction of climbers has been to spread the word to fellow climbers and to effectively boycott Telendos crags as of today. Their argument is rock-solid: ‘There’s more than enough climbing for us on Kalymnos.’


(Photo: On the way from Irox back to Telendos for dinner, August 2010)

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  1. The Mayor.. What Mayor?? Healthy climbing atmosphere on Telendos, I don’t think so… We are a long way away from that.. Only one boat is making the money and only one Restaurant! Healthy business?? There are four Restaurants left open on Telendos at this moment and it seems that the flow is going to only one, which is a little unfair! They are all very good and are remaining open to serve all visitors of Telendos in the winter months, so spread it around 😉 The only way to keep them going and to be healthy and happy!!

  2. Nicholas says:

    Well the 1 euro boat did not last long. Giannis started the 3 euro each way from Telendos service once again. And yes you still have to pay the 2 euro to get over to Telendos. So thats 20 euro for you and your partener to get the boat out to Irox. Its only 10 euro to rent a moto. What is the mayor doing to promote a happy, healthy climbing atmosphere over on Telendos. This kind of profiteering only brings resentment. Hopefully someone will start another boat service.

  3. Here we go, Mr Giannis Galouzis the professional business man and (Captain) is fighting his own fellow captains & islanders. That is really professional on his behalf!! I wonder is there no one on this island that cares anymore??? I would also like to inform all visitors there are at least NINE (9) Restaurants on Telendos still open and with excellent service and fresh dishes every day and nice cool drinks so, please try them all!! There is no worries to be left or stranded on Telendos as the last boat leaves at midnight 🙂 We all need business as we all have bills to pay, in a healthy way though.. See you soon…

  4. Bruno Fara says:

    Hi Giannis, next week I’m at the babis for 3 weeks … with the drill and bolts! See you soon … with “dark side of the moon” during the return after Rita restautant :-))

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