Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

Climbers boycott Telendos crags to protest the doubling of boat fare



Until last month, the return boat fare from Kalymnos directly to sector Irox, in Telendos, was €5.00 per person (for groups of 10 or more climbers). Today, not only has it increased to €10.00 per person for groups of 10 or more climbers, but it has come to include a compulsory stopover at Telendos harbor. As a party of 13 climbers reported this morning, when they pointed this out to the boatmen the answer they received was: ‘That’s the way we do it now’.


Simply put, this means:


Myrties to Telendos €4.00 return fare + Telendos to Irox €6.00 return fare = €10.00 per person.


That’s a price increase of 100% just as the climbing season is entering its peak.


Apart from the obvious issue, climbers also resent being ‘coerced’ into stopping over at Telendos harbor. All through the summer, when boats went directly to Irox, most climbers probably stopped at the harbor on their way back for a beer anyway. Climbers love spending time on Telendos – it’s no accident that we often speak of the Telendos experience, not just the climbing.


The immediate reaction of climbers has been to spread the word to fellow climbers and to effectively boycott Telendos crags as of today. Their argument is rock-solid: ‘There’s more than enough climbing for us on Kalymnos.’


(Photo: On the way from Irox back to Telendos for dinner, August 2010)

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  1. Evoula says:

    there are some solutions 🙂

    1. To actually stay in Telendos. I think there are some rooms to rent that the owners take the guests to the climbing sectors – please ask. Have you ever stayed in a island that there are no cars? The feeling is i…ncreadible. Very relaxing and the people are ever so nice 🙂

    2. the service with the boats to STOP towards the climbing sectors and whoever wants to go there to walk! This is very nice. We are very fit people, very strong and the paths are very smooth, you enjoy the view, you sing a song and there!

    only jokking and saying these in a laughing way!

    There is a meeting tonight in Telendos at 18:00 to discuss the subject. Will let you know if there is anything new.

  2. Galouzis Giannis says:

    Its not correct that the original fare was E5.00 it was always E9.00. E4.00 return fare from Myrties to Telendos and E5.00 return fare Telendos to Irox. This means that there is only a E1.00 increase. It is very unfair to boycott the hard working boat owners of Telendos for such a small increase. Whoever wrote this article is incorrect and is just trying to create unnecessary problems.

  3. Eric says:

    Reading this and hearing about the problem, i think both parties are right. The one that started the discusion and the captains. But before it was possible to collect a group of climbers and bring them straight to Irox and return to Myrties port for about 5 euro, speaking of a group around 16 persons. Now they have to go first to Telendos, wait there and then they can leave for Irox. I dont think that the climbers like this very much. To go from one boat in another boat, have to wait and take a boat and go in another boat and have to wait. Climbers want to climb when they made the decision to climb on telendos.
    One question for Giannis;
    If there is only 1 couple of climbers and they want to go to Irox with a boat, is the boat bringing them there from Telendos and picking them up?

    So i think that climbers should have a choice and not forced to do things.

    I understand that all the Telendians want to have a part of the cake and of course they should have. It would be sad if climbers will boycot the climbing on Telendos.

  4. Yet again trouble for our magical island Telendos and our selves.. Is there no one on this Island that really cares, is there no Port Police, is there no Council, is there no Tourist board, do we have a Mayor???? I’m wondering… can someone just because he likes to, to place other persons where he says and do as he likes!! I think not! I agree with Eric that it is totally out of order for anyone to be ordered where to be taken from and where to go. Climbers are not owned or belong to anyone and are free to go where they like and when they like as is all other visitors of our lovely island!! It’s a shame that some of us are really trying very hard to make things work on this small Island and others destroying it in seconds!!! I do hope this silly game ends by some so called captains and lovers of Telendos really understand what they are doing. I’m really upset about this outcome so If it helps, I can transport up to 6 persons from where ever and whenever climbers want for FREE in my high speed Taxi Boat named “On The Rocks” for bigger groups I’ll arrange a Taxi Boat for them for FREE and paid for by me, please call me on 6932978142 or 6978754931.

  5. Nick Nistazos says:

    from restaurant Georges TELENDOS I do agree with george trikilis my question is if a take a taxi from myrties to pothia would they stop at kantouni to get onother taxi to take me to pothia PLAESE GIVE ME AN ANSER

  6. bred says:

    Dear Sirs/Mams

    Durring my last visit at Telendos – Kalimnos, which is one of my best choices for climbing allover the globe, i expirienced a great dissapointment, that i had to sail from Kalimnos to Telendos and stay there, without my will, to get another ferry to the IROX climbing sector. What is the reason that things have changed and we can’t go directly there ?

    Best Regards.

  7. Evoula says:

    If you do not agree with the ethics of some business you do not boycott the crags. You find other ways to do your spor. I do not think this attitute is very nice towards the crags that some people worked very very hard to build. Also I do not think that you can find anywhere else on Kalymnos, Telendos crags. Some of them are all day under shadow and they are very beautiful. People that they do not work on the right way, it will get back to them… enjoy climbing… 🙂

  8. Manne says:

    It doesn’t make sense for me to pay 10 euros + the transportation time and hassle to go to Telendos when there’s so much rock in Kalymnos. Maybe once for the adventure, but not for multiple trips (i.e. working a project).

    Sure I understand the frustration of the local businesses in Telendos, as well as the frustration of the route setters who put in a lot of time. But I believe in the free market! If I were you I would start a cooperation: Buy an old boat and offer better services at lower prices, or make an agreement with a boatman. Whatever is most profitable. You can always offer e.g. promotion in the guide book and on the web page, etc.

    If nothing is done I’m sure Telendos will receive less visitors. (Which by the way doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but that’s another story…)

  9. Michaelis says:

    Greece is a democracy and the boatmen can offer whatever service they like. Unfortunately the service they are offering is not the service the climbers want. In response to Manne – Watch out for the ‘Telendos Climbers Association’in 2011 – 20 Euro to join for UNLIMITED trips from Kalymnos direct to the climbing sectors with no change of boat 🙂 It will run all day, every day, mornings and afternoons – at least SOMEBODY here has their head screwed on right… And the boatman can do what they like… m.x

  10. I have another idea for you, why not Kayak to climbing sectors! A little fun & adventure on the way as well!! I will offer all my Kayaks for FREE to all climbers using Telendos Crags.. Just to break the ice a little 🙂
    I think the TV interview that Galouzis Giannis gave on Aigaio TV today was a complete cover up, complete flop & complete lie. The islanders of Telendos know who each of us are and can not hide behind there finger so, the truth will face each & everyone when the time comes!! It is not by chance I chose to live on Telendos for the last 26 years and being a very successful business for the last sixteen years and counting since opening, On The Rocks Cafe Bar, Restaurant & Accommodation 😉

  11. I must say for the so called reporters/journalist of Kalymnos, I think they should do much deeper research before publishing any information about any subject!!! 8)

  12. David Campbell says:

    if you don’t want to pay, just walk to Irox ! Many of the mountain crags in Britain require a walk of one,two or three hours but perhaps sport climbers (and I am one)are too lazy.

  13. Mike says:

    The call to buoycott Telendos in response to the change in ferry arrangements is mean spirited and nasty. Whoever is responsible should be ashamed and retract. A buoycott would penalise the residents of Telendos – they have done nothing wrong and I am sure rely on income from climbers in their restaurants and shops.

    The ferry boat owners are entitled to charge what they like and I think their fares are very reasonable. Those who object to the prices can walk to Irox. I like the fact that the Irox ferry departes from Telendos rather than Myrties because that means you can stop in the restaurants on Telendos for a meal or a beer. That way climbers can pump some money back into the island.

    I am sure that most climbers appreciate that it is a rare priviledge to climb on Kalymnos and Telendos. Those who do not should go elsewhere.

    The residents of Kalymnos and Telendos should recognise that the overwhelming majority of climbers are sincerely grateful for their wonderful warmth and hospitality and would not support such a disproportionate and unpleasant proposal.

    Kalymnos and Telendos are not rich islands and I can’t believe someone would suggest such a thing over a couple of euros.


  14. pavlos karafillakis says:

    Dear friends as from today i would like to inform you all.that my taxi boat witch is allready operating from Myrties to Telendos HAS STARTED THIS MORNING to provide our services to the glimbing sectors IROX AND PESCATORE direct from MYRTIES AT every morning with departing times from myrties at 08.30 am 09.30 am 10.30 am and return at 05.00 pm and 0600 pm for the price of 5.oo EUROS PER PERSON FOR BOTH WAYS
    also SIKATI CAVE monday and thursday departs MYRTIES at 10.30 am returns from SIKATI 07.00 pm for more enquaries please call at 69780044oo and 6974329670 we believe that this can be aonther way to bring a balance for both sides thank you all in advance from the crew of taxi boat ΘΕΟΦΙΛΛΙΣ Ν.Κ.154

  15. Giannis Galouzis says:

    Dear climbers i would like inform you that there is a service to IROX,PESCATORE and GLAROS every day from Myrties Jetty at 9:00,10:00,11:00,12:00 and return 5:00 and 6:00 from the climbing areas,first to Teledos Jetty and then to Myrties Jetty PRICE 1 EURO FOR ONE WAY,2 EUROS FOR BOTH WAYS.
    And every morning at 7:00 to WINGS FOR LIFE and WILD COUNTRY PRICE 3 EUROS per PERSON,the name of the boat is ΚΑΤΕΡΊΝΑ Ν.Κ 246 tel.00306944819073 Giannis!

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