Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

Kalymnos 2000


Five pitches. Slab climbing on good holds. Good for practising multi-pitch climbing.

© Kalymnos Rock Climbing Guidebook

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6 Responses to “Kalymnos 2000”

  1. Aris says:

    Of course it is in the guidebook. Page #209.

  2. hendrik says:

    is this route in the guidebook? or where can i find a topo?

  3. Aris says:

    Hi Jan,

    Yes, you can. But the 4th abseil from the top (the one before last) goes sideways and it will be difficult.

  4. Jan says:

    Can I abseil with a single (70m) rope abseiling from belay to belay instead of the recommended 2x60m abseil?

  5. Admin says:

    Indeed this route featured Meteora-style single glue-in rings / bolts at the intermediate belay points of each of the five pitches. Yesterday (19 Apr 2012) Aris went and added an additional bolt at each belay point so it should be OK now.

  6. salva says:

    Strange route to practice multi-pitch. You have to know before you go that on the belay points at the end of each pitch you won’t find double or triple bolt anchors. Instead, there is one single ring hanging from some sort of (chemical?) nail!!! If you want to connect that to a second bolt, you’ll need each time a two-meter sling to reach the last bolt of the pitch you just climbed, or the first bolt of the next pitch. Also, if you want to abseil down the route, you’ll have to trust that single point for each pitch on your way down. I certainly didn’t. Instead, we came down using the anchors of Platon, the route just next, which are (only) a bit more decent.

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