Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

Kalymnos featured in Urban Climber magazine



Issue #36 (Feb 2010) of Urban Climber magazine featured an article on Kalymnos climbing called Ode on a Grecian Tufa. The feature was written by Dawn Glance with photos by James Q. Martin. In Ode, the author whimsically describes the rock formations on Kalymnos as a ‘stone jungle gym that called to our inner children’. Good times were had, apparently! Here’s an excerpt: “Kalymnos’ rep as a climber’s paradise is accurate — there are dozens of areas and routes of all grades to choose from. The rock is high-quality limestone, not slimy or polished, with pockets, crimps and great, friendly friction. The coolest features, we all agreed, were the tufas and stalactite formations cascading from the wall and forming a stone jungle gym that called to our inner children. We’d eventually learn how to climb on the abstract rock. Knee bars, chicken wings, hand jams, heel hooks, and leg wraps became common tricks. We were quick to learn how to wedge ourselves amongst the formations to cop no-hands rests on overhanging walls…..


After 10 days of perfect, warm sunny weather and unbelievable climbing, my time in paradise was up. My muscles were sore, my monkey skills were honed, and my summer guide’s tan was nearly evened out. But in the end, my deepest fears were realized — it wasn’t enough. I could have spent a month or more on the beautiful island of Kalymnos, and it still wouldn’t have been enough…..”


Read the full article here and see more of James Q. Martin’s photos from a late-fall getaway to Kalymnoshere.


Pictured above: the author after climbing at sector Odyssey


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