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Kalymnos write-up in Klettern magazine



The February / March 2010 issue of the German climbing magazine Klettern featured a write-up of Kalymnos including, among other information, topos from new sectors and a list of the hardest routes and open projects on Kalymnos, with very nice photos throughout. Chief editor Volker Leuchsner writes: ‘Sun, sea, a nearly inexhaustible quantity of fantastic rock, and routes of all grades: it is more than fair to call this Aegean island the best climbing holiday destination’. Below, we have loosely translated some quotes from the article. They are all by climbers you are likely to bump into next time you are in Kalymnos. Enjoy!


‘A beauty farm for my head

Here I am again as I was 25 years ago, when I began to climb – jogging or climbing all day long, stress-free. No sponsors, no press, no interviews, no travels, no lectures, no telephone calls, no problems. Kalymnos is the ‘beauty farm’ for my head and the fête for my muscles. The climbing and the feeling of freedom here are unparalleled.


–Simone Moro, Italian professional mountaineer and eight-thousander specialist from Bergamo, who since 1998 has fallen in love with the island, its rock and its people.


‘Kalymnos means focusing on everything that is important for me

Kalymnos means being the best person I can be: climbing and pushing my limits, marveling at the stunning scenery, spending quality time with real friends from all over the world and freeing my mind from the useless thoughts and needs flooding it while in the big city. In short, Kalymnos means focusing on everything that is important for me and forgetting about everything else!


–Aris Theodoropoulos, Greek mountain guide and climbing instructor, the author of the Kalymnos guidebook. Presently, he is building his own house on Kalymnos.


‘The island is paradise’

If I was ever a hard climber – my first stay in Kalymnos was beyond everything and it was all forgotten in one blow. The island is Paradise. By the way, the climbing here is not so bad, either.


–Urs Odermatt, Swiss mountain guide and ice specialist, who together with Peter Keller opened sectors Irox and Glaros, as well as the route Wings for Life, on Telendos.


‘Kalymnos has more to offer’

When we talk about Kalymnos it is always very emotional. It is the best climbing, on the best rock, at all grades and climbing styles. It is the ultimate destination for climbing with your friends, your family, or if you are in love. It is a proper holiday, safe and comfortable, and a fountain of youth – our father (87 years old) wants to come to the island again in the spring. Kalymnos has a lot more to offer, and it is up to you to discover.


–Swiss brothers Yves and Claude Remy, who with the support of Boris Girardin and Mammut have bolted over 100 new routes on Kalymnos in the past 2 years.

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