Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

More footage of Adam Ondra climbing @ Kalymnos


Here’s more Adam Ondra to inspire us mortals. This 10-min feature filmed by 9b during the 2009 Kalymnos climbing festival is worth watching for the first three minutes alone: a black-and-white Adam goes through a fantastic sequence of moves on Los Revolucionarios 9a in silence; but then he reaches the crux, and then… Well, then comes Kalymnos as we know it: music, full-color footage of the beach, Telendos in the background, the port and fishermen of Pothia, and a mini-interview with Aris about the development of Kalymnos crags. All the while Adam and his sister Christine scout around for new climbs, Adam casually onsights Gaia 8b, then Spartan Wall 8b… and as we are left wondering how in the world he managed to conjure up holds on that bald wall, he opines that Spartan Wall ‘could be 8a+ but… Kalymnos standard, yes, it’s 8b’.


(In the photo above, Adam and Christine resting between climbs at sector Odyssey)



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3 Responses to “More footage of Adam Ondra climbing @ Kalymnos”

  1. Aris says:

    @ Dimitris:
    DWS: There are some new places around Kantouni and at the NW end of the island.
    Have a look at Simon’s website.

    However Kalymnos is not a DWS destination.It’s not as good as in Mallorca, only worth doing it on a rest or at a very humid day. Best DWS area of Kalymnos remains Vathy because of the fjord the water stays always calm and green!

  2. Dimitris says:

    Wow! Want to go back..
    What about the DWS? Are there more places now?

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