Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

New Kalymnos guidebook + a retrospective of all previous editions

October 4th, 2018

It’s funny to say, but it [the Kalymnos guidebook] may seriously be the best guidebook in the world. Thank you for all the hard work in new routing and maintenance!” – Alex Honnold
No, thank you–all of you who have supported and encouraged us over the years. After another seemingly endless summer, we are exhausted, but thrilled, to finally introduce the 7th edition of our Kalymnos climbing guidebook! …read more »


Arginonta Valley step-by-step access. Please read and share!

June 1st, 2018

Just two years after it was equipped, Arginonta Valley is already one of the most popular crags on Kalymnos (shade all day & well-bolted, easy to mid-grade routes). Still, many climbers continue to jump over the wire fence to access the cliffs. This is quite a problem for the shepherd using the land. It is very important to access Arginonta Valley from the proper gate and path. The visual below should help make the proper approach path pretty clear …read more »

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How to make Kalymnos lower-offs last longer

April 15th, 2018

Worn carabiners at sector Arginonta Valley in 2018. Photo: Tom Eckert


[Originally posted on July 07, 2011] Do you feel safe lowering off a half-worn carabiner? No, neither do we. On Kalymnos, despite the best efforts to keep bolts and anchors in perfect shape, worn carabiners are a sign of overuse. Climb after climb, after thousands of ascents bearing all the load, even the heaviest-duty hardware will show signs of wear. However—there is a very simple way to help prolong the life of Kalymnos lower-offs. See below. …read more »


Prometheus, a brand new multi-pitch on the South Face of Telendos

December 20th, 2016

Text and photos: Gordon Jenkin, Francis Haden
Staggering along with heavy loads of gear in the deep heat of the South Face after spending a week equipping The Titan Towers was perhaps an unlikely moment of inspiration to volunteer for yet more arduous labour … however that ‘Lightning Bolt’ groove high up on the huge unclimbed wall above the Telendos village had kept us animated about its prospects the whole trip. In the middle of the complex face was a long elegant pillar of clean limestone, a finger from our supportive Titan pointing the way with a compelling zig-zag lightning bolt to show us the path. …read more »


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