Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

3 Stripes: a nice & easy new multipitch on Kalymnos


Kalymnos ‘veterans’ Peter Keller & Urs Odermatt have enriched the island with some of its most sought-after climbs, and there’s no stopping them. The latest product of their hard work, once again with the help of Markus Leippold, is a new, easy six-pitch route called 3 Stripes (5c 175m) to the left of sector Spartacus. Adidas was the sponsor, hence the name, and bolts were provided by the Glaros Bar bolt fund, which is supported by climbers’ donations. Given the route setters’ track record in Kalymnos, 3 Stripes is expected to be at least as popular -if not more- as their other multipitches. Besides, the combination of lower-grade climbing followed by an otherworldly abseil is every mountain guide’s dream of an intro to multipitch climbing with clients.




The beta


Route: 3 Stripes, six pitches (5c, 175m)


Pitches: 4a 35m / 5a 40m / 5b 30m / 5c 20m / 5c 20m / 5b 30m.


Climbing character: 3 Stripes is fully and densely equipped with stainless-steel bolts.
Climbing is delightful, on slabs and walls with big holds.


Required gear: 14 quickdraws / 2 belay devices /
2-3 screwgate carabiners / 2-3 slings / helmet /
one single 60m rope (or two 80m ropes if you plan to abseil; see below).

Approach: start at Philoxenia Hotel at Armeos; head up the trail to Grande Grotta and further left to Spartacus. 3 Stripes begins immediately left of Spartacus (left of the fence). Total time: 25-30 min.


Return: when you get to the top of 3 Stripes, walk to the left for 20-30 min. There are blue marks along the descent path.


Abseiling (for experienced climbers only): after climbing 3 Stripes, you can walk to the right and abseil down the middle of Grande Grotta. You must have two 80m ropes and be experienced in abseiling. Tip: you can hide one of the two ropes at the base of Grande Grotta. One of you will abseil using the fixed single 80m rope you brought along. Then, you can tie its end to the second rope you’d left at the cave for your climbing partner(s) to pull up.


Have you climbed 3 Stripes yet? If so, tell us what you thought!



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14 Responses to “3 Stripes: a nice & easy new multipitch on Kalymnos”

  1. Jan says:

    We climbed 3 stripes yesterday and it is an awesome route. Thank you very much for bolting it.
    The guidebook mentions an extra anchor in the last pitch, 10m befor the top, so that you can maintain communication with your climbing partner. It seems like the bolts from this extra anchor have been removed. Can anybody give me an update on maybe why? I don’t want to rant ot anything. It was still an excellent climb and we had lots of fun.

  2. Aris says:

    There are several short cruxes, but we dont remember if its reachy for kids. We suggest you, fisrt to climb “Kalymnos 2000” or “Platon” and then go to “3 Stripes”.
    Have fun in Kaly,


  3. hendrik says:

    is the route’s hardest parts only a few moves or longer sections? i want to take my son on the climb. he climbs 5a-5b

    are the moves reachy for small people?

  4. Paul says:

    Did 3 Stripes today, really nice route. Just notice that the “extra anchor” on the last pitch has been removed.

  5. Kalla says:

    Thank you for bolting 3 Stripes, we had a wonderful morning. The route is clean, no lose rocks, always a good hold, and nice a walk down. 5c is a good rating for that.

  6. Dave Talbot says:

    Nice route, could add another bolt on the middle belays to help parties climbing in a 3. I would put the route at 5c. Good job.

  7. Matthias says:

    Hi, I am working for adidas and climbed this excellent route right in September. Big thanks to bolting it!!! Next time I am back in Kalymnos I will pass by Glaros Bar and adidas will sponsor a more bolts.

  8. v.k. says:

    …”Adidas was the sponsor, hence the name, and bolts were provided by the Glaros Bar bolt fund”…
    How was Adidas sponsored the route if the bolts provided by the glaros fund????

  9. Pascal says:

    While climbing on the upper left side of Spartacus (route “chariots of fire”), we received a heavy stonefall from the top of “3 stripes”(and parts of a tree!). Fortunatly, noone was injuried…
    A party of climbers did the route this day at the same time.
    So, if you climb 3 stripes, take care to the other climbers you can’t see.
    For the ones who put new long routes: please, dont do it too close to sport routes.

  10. Chantal&Rudy says:

    Thanks for this very nice route! After a rainy night and morning we still found the rock (almost) dry. Apparently our slowish approach gave the rock enough time to dry up. We had an amazing time, also on the walk/scramble down. Highly recommend this climb!

  11. Raphael Burri says:

    Great climb and a fantastic view from the top. I strongly suggest taking proper approach shoes if one plans to walk back down following the marks via Jurassic Park.

  12. Ingunn Trosby says:

    Thank you for a very nice multi pitch . We did the 3 stripes in three ropelengths, using a 80 m rope. We also brought a second 80 m rope to be able to abseil down Grande Grotta. It was spectacular coming down the 80 meter rappell in the sunset of Kalymnos! For the abseil we where a little conserned about the rope hanging over an edge. So we put my socks under between rope and the rock to protect the rope:-)

  13. andy hedgecock says:

    Peter Urs & Marcus

    repeated 3 Stripes 2 weeks ago thank you for adding yet another excellent multi pitch route to the magic
    that is Kalymnos.

    Well cleaned immaculately bolted you can see just how much time and effort you have put in.

    Just a few thoughts on the grade and station location :
    Pitch 1 agree with the grade
    Pitch 2 I thought 4c
    Pitch 3 5a/b
    Pitch 4 5c
    Pitch 5 5c+ possibly bordering 6a as thin for hands and feet and sustained.
    Pitch 6 5a

    I think the stations could do with an extra couple of bolts as this route is going to easily be as popular as Wings,if not more so due to its accessibility, congestion at stations could be a problem with only 2 bolts a station.

    Had a great climbing day on this route so once again thank you for your excellnt hard work.


  14. David Selwyn says:

    Did this route on Wednesady.
    Awesome. Well bolted and cleaned but still some loss rock, so wear a helmet.
    Stances good at pitches 1 and 2.
    Rest hanging belay’s. penultimate stance very small, uncomfortable and this pitch is probably 5c plus…
    Walk off challenging. Took about an hour down scree and stone chutes…so don’t wear sandles…

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