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A new rescue team on Kalymnos



Kalymnos is widely considered one of the safest climbing venues in the world, largely thanks to the excellent rock quality, dense bolting with stainless-steel bolts, and overall good organization of the crags. However, as it is also one of the most popular climbing destinations worldwide with thousands of climbers visiting every year, chances of human error and accidents increase accordingly. Until now there was no rescue team on Kalymnos. When an accident happened, the injured climber relied on a handful of dedicated local volunteers and the stretcher and donation fund from the Glaros Bar. Now there is a new rescue team on Kalymnos funded and organized by a local company and staffed by climbers / volunteers; a very important, and hopefully viable, initiative. Here are the details.




The rescue team
There are six volunteer climbers staffing the main rescue team. They are trained to rescue an injured person from the crags and approach paths with or without the use of ropes and to provide first aid. Another 14 volunteers are trained to help. A local company, Alternet, organized and funded the creation of the rescue team; specialized equipment was donated by Wild Sport in Masouri, and the Petzl Foundation supported the initiative by offering additional 5-day training to the six main volunteers of the rescue team.



Until the end of this year rescue services will be provided to climbers free of charge. In the future there may be a fee-per-rescue; we will update here when we know more. Alternatively, by purchasing the Alternet card (a discount card for a variety of shops and businesses in Kalymnos) climbers also get access to rescue services. The card costs 25 euros for one month and it’s sold at Oasis Hotel, at Plaza Hotel and at Wild Sport shop, all in Masouri. For more information about the card and the rescue team, here’s Alternet’s full rescue brochure.
















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5 Responses to “A new rescue team on Kalymnos”

  1. Laura says:

    jassas, I just wanted to donate and read therefore this article about the new team and the the model of the financial background of the new rescue team.
    Somehow it seems now easier to buy or charge this card at wild sports (?!) on the day of arrival instead of donating some money from abroad, right?
    efaristo kai ta leme

  2. Alternet DMC says:

    Hello from Kalymnos.
    First of all, if you read carefully the brochure, it will solve many of your questions. The brochure is linked above to the administrator of the article.
    In any case, I will mention a few things about the project and the card. The AlternetCard is NOT AN INSURANCE PRODUCT. It is a marketing product. It has been created to promote the tourist product of Kalymnos by giving the incentive to the local entrepreneurs involved, to upgrade the quality of their services. Additionally it provides reciprocal benefits to visitors.
    With purchasing the card, you also support the Volunteers Rescue Team. Alterholidays DMC, the local destination management and marketing company for Kalymnos, created the AlternetGreece card ( the network of quality local services) in order to promote the rescue service. Right from the beginning Alter Holidays DMC, not only supported but helped the formation and the training of the “newborn” rescue team in every possible way, under the strong belief that it is the obligation of Kalymnos and the obligation of the local business community involved in tourism, to contribute for the existence of the rescue service. Alterholidays DMC did not hesitate to take the initiative at once, its philosophy being, that it is unthinkable for Kalymnos to claim being the world’s leading rock climbing destination without offering quality rescue service.
    Alternet apart from providing a car for the team, to move freely and efficiently in case of an accident, also provides storage space for the rescue team equipment.
    The rescue initiative is also being supported by“Wild Sport”, a local climbing equipment shop in Massouri, which provided the rescue team with high-end rescue materials.
    A major advantage offered by the card itself, is the discount on accommodation, transportation, restaurants and many other services.
    A simple example on the logistics, for a visitor of Kalymnos for 10 days are:
    • 50% discount for municipality boats from and to Kos. (- € 6 discount)
    • 10% for the accommodation (discount approx. € 1-1,5 per person x 10 days = -€ 10-15 discount)
    • 10% for the food (discount € 1,2-1,5 per person x 10 days= – € 12-15 discount)
    • 10% for a scooter (discount € 1,2-1,4 x 10 days= € 12-14 discount)
    The result of this example is € 40-50 total discount.
    The longer the period of the stay the greater the benefit, as simple as that!
    It is also important for visitors to know that businesses contributing to the program must meet the basic standards for quality of services and must be properly licensed for their operation protecting the consumer from unpleasant experiences.
    Finally, please do not forget that by purchasing the card, indirectly you support the Rescue Team! The entire philosophy of the network is based on the simple premise of “give & take” !

  3. Bruno says:

    I agree for a fee for the rescue, but the price of this card is in my opinion too high! And also the travel/insurance (special for climbing) is already for the rescue … how the two systems coexist?

  4. carl dawson says:

    Many climbers will have climbing/travel insurance so won’t want to pay out again… so how will this work alongside the Alternet card proposal?

  5. Lee Cujes says:

    This is a great initiative, and accepting donations is a good idea. But the service should be principally funded by the Municipality or by corporate sponsorship.

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