Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

‘Kalymnian Dreams’, a new climbing film by Blomu



A new film about Kalymnos climbing, with the evocative name Kalymnian Dreams, was released by Blomu Production (a.k.a. Thomas Anquetil, the 16 year-old climber from Chamonix). It was filmed in the summer and fall of 2009, and it is a great addition to the few films made about Kalymnos (with an excellent soundtrack, too!). Routes featured in the film are mostly in the 8c–9a range; some climbs are brand-new, some are unforgiving, and others are classic routes of Kalymnos, ‘the universal spot for the climbing planet’, as it is described in the film summary.


Climbers featured in Kalymnian Dreams:


-Thomas Anquetil (French 16 year-old climber)

-Alexander Megos (German-Greek 16 year-old climber)

Simon Montmory (French climbing guide and permanent Kalymnos resident)

-Oscar Cacho Vila (Spanish climber)

-Loukas Dourdourekas (Greek climber, permanent Kalymnos resident)

Tiia Porri (Finnish climber, diving instructor and part-time Kalymnos resident)


Language: French and / or English with subtitles

Duration: 52 minutes

Release date: December 2009

Produced by: Blomu Production


To buy the film, please click here.



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