Rock climbing in Kalymnos, Greece

The Kalymnos Rescue Team rises to the occasion, again


Today was the second time within a week that the Kalymnos Rescue Team was needed. This afternoon at sector Odyssey the team administered first aid to a climber with a broken ankle and transported her down to the road, where she was picked up by the ambulance. Their response was immediate; the climber is being treated at the Kalymnos hospital, and we hope she’ll be back on her feet again very soon…
And while we’re on the rescue topic, our post about last week’s incident at Grande Grotta has been viewed by more people than any other post we’ve ever published. If this is any indication of what’s important for climbers, it only reinforces the fact that a rescue service on Kalymnos is absolutely essential.


So please support this awesome team. You can buy the Rescue Card while you’re here (15 EUR for 15 days / 25 EUR for one month / 80 EUR for one year) or you can make a donation. You can also buy the Rescue Card online.


Lastly, in case you call in an accident the Rescue Team asks that you be ready to provide the following information:


WHO: First and last name, telephone number
WHAT: Nature of accident, number of injured, severity of accident (please describe injuries as accurately as possible)
WHERE: Place, spot, sector
WHEN: Time of accident


More info about the Kalymnos Rescue Team here.


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8 Responses to “The Kalymnos Rescue Team rises to the occasion, again”

  1. Admin says:

    Are you flying to Kalymnos directly from Athens, or are you going via Kos? If you are going via Kos, you can buy the card online beforehand and take advantage of the 50% discount on the Kos-Kalymnos ferry 🙂

  2. chris says:

    works very well! i fly to kalymnos on thursday and have time to buy the card 🙂

  3. Admin says:

    Hi Chris,

    You can buy the rescue card at Oasis Hotel, which is located in the center of Masouri. The rescue office is on the ground level and it is open every evening from 5pm-9.30pm.

    If these hours don’t work for you, you can email the rescue team and make alternate arrangements (kalymnosrescue [at] or purchase the card online (

  4. chris says:

    where can i buy the rescue card in massouri?

  5. Admin says:

    Meet the Kalymnos Rescue Team

    When: Friday, May 9th @ 21.00
    Where: The Oasis Hotel Wine Bar on the terrace

    Event details:
    A meet-and-greet with the Kalymnos Rescue Team, which will include a video and photo presentation of the team’s training and rescue operations, and a raffle to support the team (prizes include a signed copy of the Kalymnos guidebook!) Come mingle, meet some new people, and ask your questions – the team will be very happy to meet you.

    See the official event poster here:

  6. eric says:

    Aris, i think it is a good thing to write an item on safety with climbing.
    what should be mentioned?
    check the length of the route and how long is your rope.
    Make the knot at the end of the rope.
    check gear.
    Check each other.
    and be concentrated in order not to make mistakes.
    I dont climb so much as you know but when i climb i see climbers doing redicilous things that can lead to accidents.

  7. Admin says:

    Yet another call for the Kalymnos Rescue Team today, Thursday (third time in two weeks). Sector School, a young climber broke both ankles when the rope was not long enough. We hope the injured climber makes a full recovery; and once again we are thankful for the Rescue Team.

    Climbers, help prevent these all too common accidents from happening by always, ALWAYS tying a knot at the end of your rope! Make it a habit even when you climb a 10m route and your rope is more than long enough. It can save your life later.

  8. Chris Craggs says:

    Great job once again guys.

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